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The Problem

Energy is at the crux of big global problems like climate change, global health, food security, bio-diversity, water security, and even national security. The people of the world need increasing amounts energy, the planet’s resource base needs to be carefully managed, and the environment needs to be maintained to support future generations.  Further, sources of funding for crucial basic research that traditionally occurs primarily at universities is under pressure from all sides. Finally, there is a shortage of energy professionals to fill high-paying energy jobs. 

The Solution

SIU scientists work with global teams of experts to do the crucial science to identify pathways, measure and predict impacts, and find solutions for the future of energy. Established in 1974 as the Coal Research Center and expanding its focus in 2014 to include the broad array of energy innovation occurring across campus, ACERC is the hub for SIU Energy research, collaboration, education and facilities. Read more about What We Do.

Energy Boost

In 2015, ACERC received a $4.6 million grant to boost advanced coal and energy education and research on campus.  Read more about Energy Boost events, grants and scholarships.

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