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What is ACERC?

New to ACERC? Want to know what we do and where we stand on energy issues? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Energy Boost

In 2015, ACERC received a $4.6 million grant to boost advanced coal and energy education and research on campus.  Read more about Energy Boost eventsgrants and scholarships.

Get Involved

Clean energy for all is one of the biggest challenges the world faces, and it requires everyone's participation and cooperation to get positive results.  There is no time to waste.  At ACERC, we're making it our business to provide education, research, and opportunities for people to make the contributions they can towards a solution to this challenge.  Become a member and follow @SIUEnergy to learn how you can do your part.

SIU Energy Day - April 6, 2016

SIU Energy Day

At SIU Energy Day on April 6, attendees learned about the biggest trends in energy. Energy Boost Scholarships and Seed Grants were awarded. Read more.

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